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复旦大学MBA历年面试题,含英文试题 :

1.What do you think about 关系 in China?

2.How About I-RAQ War?

3. PLS give your opinion on GUANXI\’s impact to the enterprises in China.

4. If you want to develop a new brand of ice cream in China, what strategy would you pursue?

5. leader should keep distance or get close to his or her employee

6. Many people believe that the knowledge-based economy has begun. Please discuss the impact you think it may have on your firm.

7. What do you think will be the short-term and long-term impacts on China when we join the WTO? Please be specific in your answers.

8. If a foreign investor wants to make direct investments in China, how would you advise him?

9. Which city will be the financial hub of Asia in 2005, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Tokyo or any other city in Asia?

10. If you are granted 3 wishes, what will they be?

11. What are the main tasks facing a business leader nowadays?

12. If you are given US$1million to invest, what sector will you put your money in and why?

13. China is being accused by many developed countries as being lax in environmental issues. What is your view on this accusation?

14. In China, economic development in the western regions is lagging behind that of the eastern provinces. What measures would you propose to speed up the development of the western regions?

15. Unemployment and aging are some urgent social issues in China. What measures would you propose to relieve the problem?

16. If you want to develop a new brand of ice cream in China, what strategy would you pursue?

17. Discuss the differences between managers and leaders.

18. Some companies claim that MBA graduates are generalists. They do not have an in depth knowledge of any particular business area. How would you convince them otherwise? 

19. Some people argue that high tech companies should have higher P/E ratios because of their future earning potentials. How much would you agree or disagree with this argument?

20. Your firm is undergoing a reengineering exercise to reduce the number of employees. You are asked to cut 30% of your staff. What would you do?