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Section I  Vocabulary(10 points ) 

Directions:There are 20 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentence there are four choices marked A, B, C, andD.Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence and mark your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1

1.The poor lady was too          and distressed to talk about the tragedy.

A.engaged   B.exhausted    C.ignorant   D.energetic

2.At fist        , the famous painting doesn't impress the audience at all. 

A.glance   B.gaze  C.stare   D.view

3.Delegates agree to the plan in        , but there were some details they didn't approve.

A.discipline   B.theory  C.principle   D.nature

4.I took the medicine 10minutes ago, but the bitterness is still         in my mouth.

A.scattering   B.felling     C.maintaining   D.lingering

5.Since the         of human history, human beings have been asking questions like “What is the essence of life.” 

A.dusk   B.dust  C.twinkle  D.Dawn

6.The eldest son         all the family members to discuss how to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of their parents.

A.Clustered   B.resembled  C.assembled   D.rendered

7.I must leave now,         ,if you want that book I'LL bring it you tomorrow .

A.Accidentally   B.Incidentally   C.Occasionally   D.Subsequently

8.My mother is a light sleeper,         to any sound even as low as the humming of mosquito.

A.alert   B.acute    C.keen   D.immune

9.The newly built factory is in urgent need of a number of skilled and         workers.

A.consistent   B.conscious  C.confidential   D.conscientious 

10.As an outstanding scholar, he has become         to the research team.

A.senior   B.junior     C.indispensible   C.independent

11.Sixteen days after the earthquake, 40 people,         in their village, were rescue. 

A.trapped   B.confined  C.enclosed   D.captured

12.Working far away from home, Jerry had to         from downtown to his office everyday.

A.wander   B.commute   C.ramble   D.motion

13.The finance minister has not been so         since he raised taxes to an unbearable level.

A.famous   B.favorable  C.popular   D.preferable

14.It is unimaginable for someone in such a high         in the govemment to behave so badly in public.

A.situation   B.position   C.profession   D.appointment 

15.Information given to employees must be         , clear and in easy-to-follow language. 

A.convenient   B.continuous   C.constant   D.concise

16.John was very upset because he was         by the police with breaking the law. 

A.sentenced   B.arrested   C.accused   D.charged 

17.David likes country life and has decided         farming. 

A.go in for   B.go back on  C.go along with   D.go through with

18.Jennifer has never really         her son's death.It's very hard to accept the face that she'll never have a chilD.

A.come to terms with   B.come up against    C.come out with   D.come down to 

19.A national debate is now         about whether we should replace golden weeks with paid  Vacations. the way the way  C.under way   D.out of the way

20.When a psychologist does a general experiment about the human mind, he selects people          and asks them questions. ease random essence sum